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Amels - 199

The LIMITED EDITIONS AMELS 199 follows the grand success of the AMELS 171, 177, and 212. Its design breaks new ground in style, performance, efficiency, silence, and "green" qualities. With an often-requested touch-and-go helipad option, its

handsome Tim Heywood hullform and wide choice of Nuvolari Lenard interior styles combine to create a timeless vessel that will set superyacht standards well into the future.


THE AMELS 199 overall shape features a vertical bow, gentle tumblehome, winged decklines, and round ports. This blend of traditional features with tomorrow's styling results in an eye-catching, dynamic look. Decks are configured to maximize
choices of outdoor entertainment, relaxing, and dining. The general arrangement creates easy private access from all luxury areas, including the beach club, to outer decks.

Amels - 199 - Interior:

The AMELS 199 offers a wide range of personalizing. The layout, within fixed architectural elements, accommodates up to 14. Owners' and VIP suites can be set on Main Deck, or on Bridge Deck with doors to side decks and private beach.

Three Lower Deck cabins have direct access to the beach club. The Captain, Chief Engineer, and Chief Mate have private cabins. Crew quarters comply with ILO crew-welfare regulations.

Nuvolari Lenard's:

Nuvolari Lenard's international team of designers, stylists, and engineers create their bravura artistry, for a wide range of yachts, in a splendid Venetian atelier. With their versatility and cooperative spirit, they work closely with each client to achieve a unique result, every time. For the AMELS 199 they created what they call a "Transitional" interior, with roots in traditional and modern styles, fully harmonized with Heywood's exterior.

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